200-75-60 Blood Bowl: Spike! Journal: Issue 7

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Take a Blood Bowl tour to the New World in Spike! Journal 7. Guest editor Pterry Dactyl plunges into the jungle to explore the exciting history of the game, rumoured to have been invented by the Slann and their Lizardmen servants.

The Lizardmen are ready to make a splash on the Blood Bowl scene. Combining the cold-blooded killer instinct and steely-eyed defence of Saurus Blockers with Skinks possessing speed and agility to rival the fastest teams on the pitch, the illustrious Lustrians play the game like they were spawned ready to play... because they were.

This issue is packed with everything you need to know about Lizardmen in Blood Bowl, and then some!

– A Lustrian Adventure: setting out the broad history of Blood Bowl in the New World, and the various cold-blooded creatures that play it.

– Background on famous Lizardmen teams, including the Gwaka’moli Crater Gators, plus stats, special rules and Star Player profiles!

– Star Player Spotlight: Anqi Panqi - This massive Temple Guard Saurus is just what you need to shore up your line of scrimmage, and he only plays for Lizardmen. Take a look at his history, stats, and in-game cost.

– Chat With the Rat: Hackspit ‘the Scribbler’ Quillchewer interviews Georgie Johns, an adventurer-archeologist who specializes in Lustrian history. He asks her a series of very oddly pointed questions about the history of Skaven-Lizardmen relations in the New World.

– Star Player Spotlight: Glotl Stop - This Kroxigor doesn’t come cheap, but once you see what he can do for Lizardmen and Amazon teams, you’ll understand why. Dig into his background, rules and cost in this issue.

– Lustrian Leagues: Run a season in Lustria and see how (some would say) the game is meant to be played! Take in the full rules for running matches in the temple-stadia, including rainforest weather patterns and an alternative kick-off table.

– A Skink in the Plan: Top tips for getting the most out of the variety of players available to Lizardmen coaches. Here’s a hint: hide the quick, squishy little ones behind the big, scary ones until the last moment. You’re welcome!

– Star Player Spotlight: Drull and Dribl - Get two for the price of one with twin Skinks! They’re surprisingly violent in all the right ways. Take a look at their unusual story, stats and the cost to add them to your roster.

– Travellers from Beyond the Stars - A true and completely unbiased account of the Slann, the most powerful mages that ever lived, which we weren’t at all compelled to write by powerful sorceries. Plus, how to hire them as an Inducement for both Lizardmen and Amazon teams.

– Dirt from the Dugout: Mindy Piewhistle dishes about the conflict between the priests of the Old Ones and those of Nuffle. There are… differences of opinion when it comes to the ‘right’ way to play.

– Coffin Corner and Tatzina Babarini’s guide to Lustrian Style: You’re not going to find coverage like this anywhere else, folks. Get the inside scoop on these mysterious players and their home.

– Classic Commentaries: Bob Bifford’s shares a riveting tale of a memorable game played against the Ssservants of the Ssslann. We double checked, and that’s definitely how it’s spelled. 


Release Date 12th Oct 2019