64-14 Chaos Dreadhold Malefic Gate

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The Chaos Dreadholds are what stands before the Stormcast Eternals and the annihilation of their immortal enemy. The corrupted forces of Chaos have conquered much of the Mortal Realms and enslaved the populace to build mighty, oppressive structures to house and protect their evil overlords from the harshness of the tainted wastes and any uprising from any whose will has not been broken. These colossal fortresses are made from thick metal and stone and covered in Chaos icons to ward off enemy spells and attacks, providing great advantages to repelling enemy invasions and slaughtering the forces that break against their walls. These Chaos Dreadholds are scattered across the realms and form a horrific barrier that the forces of Sigmar must break through to free the Mortal Realms from grip of Chaos.

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