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Modifx Beginner Airbrush 


The Modifx Beginner Airbrush is a reliable, easy to use dual action gravity feed airbrush. It has a comfortable yet elegant design well balanced for extended airbrushing sessions.


Constructed for ease of use the Modifx Beginner Airbrush is easy to dismantle and clean providing quality performance time after time. The included nozzle spanner makes changing to a different needle and nozzle size a breeze. Included are 0.2mm and 0.3mm needles and nozzles which can effortlessly provide wide covereage or fine lines and details. The permanently mounted 7cc colour cup comes with a convenient spill proof cap.


Operating at low pressure, 10-15 PSI, for precision lines and details as well as up to 30 PSI, the Modifx Beginner Airbrush is ideal for those starting out or experienced modellers looking for another tool to add to their kit.




0.2mm and 0.3mm needles and nozzles suitable for all airbrush paints including Vallejo Model Air, AK Xtreme Metals and Badger Minitaire

Included nozzle spanner to ease disassembly

7cc colour cup with spill proof cap

1/8th inch male fitting to connect with most air hoses and accessories

Minimal spare parts

Easy to clean and maintain

Ideal for wargaming and scale model applications

1 year Australian warranty

Badger TC908 Aspire Airbrush Compressor


This Badger TC908 1/6 horse power compressor features everything you need for most airbrush projects. Included is the automatic shut-off feature which keeps the compressor on while building pressure then automatically shuts off when the pressure is reached. Also included are a moisture trap, regulator and gauge. With this compressor your ready to start spraying!


Built to Badgers specifications this compressor is built to a higher quality than cheaper compressors on the market and ideally suited for all hobby requirments. Low maintanance and quiet running are key features. It is fiitted with Australian electrical fittings and is run and checked that it meets quality requirments before it is sent out. 


Key Features:

- Maintenance free (no oil necessary)

- Automatic Shut-Off

- Pop-up Handle

- Regulator, Gauge, and Moisture Trap

- On/off Switch



Horsepower: 1/6HP

Displacement: .81cfm (23 L/min)

Max. Pressure: 57psi (4 bar)

AMP (110V): 1.0A

Weight: 7.93 lbs. (3.6 Kgs)

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