Legends of Percevan Volume 1: The Stars of Ingaar

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Percevan is a brave and noble knight in the service of the king. In a land full of mystery, magic, and adventure, it is Percevan who, time and again, rises as savior of the people and vanquisher of evil. But now, Percevan's precious heirloom gemstone has been stolen - and it is no simple stone. It is one of the three legendary Stars of Ingaar, and in concert with its brothers, it will make its bearer invincible! Such power cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of evil, but to prevent it Percevan will have to travel to the frozen north - and his homecoming and reunion with longtime friend Ganael will hardly be happier! But such is the legend of Percevan... 
The Stars of Ingaar is the first volume of Legends of Percevan. It collects three stories: "The Three Stars of Ingaar," "The Tomb of Ice," and "The Sword of Ganael," as well as a sneak-peek preview of "The Realm of Aslor." 
Hardcover, full-color, 160 pages
by Fauche, Leturgie, and Luguy Translated by Kurt McClung