Legends of Percevan Volume 2: Realm of Aslor

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Percevan is a brave and noble knight in the service of the king. His adventures have taken him to the frozen north and pitted him against supernatural foes, but have these experiences prepared him for his next trials? 
In each of these three stories, Percevan will find himself fighting to save a beautiful woman... but which of these women are damsels in distress, and which are dangerous foes in their own right? Whether traveling to the otherworldly country of Aslor, unraveling the secrets of life and death in the deserts of the south, or delving into the mystery of the Black Arcantane, Percevan will be tested as never before. For such is the legend of Percevan...  
This volume of the Legends of Percevan collects three stories: "The Realm of Aslor," "The Hourglass of El-Jerada," and "The Black Arcantane." Legends of Percevan, Volume 2: The Realm of Aslor also features a preview of "The Keys of Fire." 
Hardcover, full-color, 160 pages
by Fauche, Leturgie, and Luguy Translated by Kurt McClung