LotR: Journeys in Middle Earth: Spreading War

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Bring the shadow of war to The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth with the Spreading War expansion! Within, players will find new heroes, enemies, journey map tiles, terrain, and items to supplement all of their adventures. This expansion also unlocks a brand-new, fifteen-scenario campaign that challenges the heroes to battle ruthless mercenaries across wide plains of the Riddermark, in the tangle of Fangorn Forest, and through the haunted ruins of Osgiliath. 


Can the players protect the lands of Rohan and Gondor? Prepare the heroes of Middle-earth and ride to battle in Spreading War!


Key Selling Points:


A new large box expansion for The Lord of the Rings: Journey in Middle-earth.

Introduces six new heroes to the game, including the mighty, shapeshifting Beorn.

A host of militant new enemies swarm into the game, such as the Oliphant and a mighty Siege Tower.

Opens the door to a brand-new, fifteen-scenario campaign that leads the heroes across Rohan and Gondor. 



1 Rulebook

18 Double-sided Map Tiles

28 Plastic Figures

65 Item Cards

3 Title Cards

30 Hero Skill Cards

72 Role Skill Card

6 Terrain Cards

10 Mount Cards

15 Bane Cards

7 Hero Cards

5 Fortified Tokens

14 Assorted Terrain Tokens

5 Difficult Terrain Tokens