Monopoly: Friends

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Whooopah! It’s time to join the legendary friends, from one of TV’s best-loved sitcoms in Friends Monopoly. Play as either Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey or Chandler by choosing one of the exclusive tokens iconic to the gang; will it be Rachel’s handbag, Ross’ dinosaur, Chandler’s sweater vest or even Phoebe’s acoustic guitar? As you pi-VOT round the board you will discover the best Friends’ moments, from unmistakable Holiday Armadillo, to the hilarious Giant Poking Device and Monica and Chandler’s even­tful, yet unforgettable wedding! Enter the world of Friends Monopoly! You’re gonna love it!


Age: 8 years and up

Approx packaging dimensions: 40 × 27 × 5 cm

Players: 2 to 6

Play time: 90 minutes

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