Promote: The Ultimate race for Top Cop

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From fresh-faced newbie to seasoned officer. Battle it out through the ranks with friends and family for TOP COP  bragging rights. Experience the good, the bad and the ugly of policing in a race that’s sure to have plenty of ups and downs, twist and turns.

No game is ever the same!


Challenge promotions. Join specialist squads. Skip ranks. Become a backstabber or a teacher’s pet. Face suspension or end up on trial at the district court for bribery and corruption.

How will you fare in the promotion stakes?


Product Info

Ages 8 to Adult

Not Suitable for Children under 3 years

Packaging Dimensions: 27cm x 27cm x 5cm

2 to 6 Players

30 to 90 Minutes



1 x PROMOTE! Gameboard

6 x Playing Pieces

6 x Rank Markers

1 x Standard Die

1 x Challenge Die

12 x Challenge Tokens

110 x Operations Cards

22 x Administration Cards

40 x Full Moon Cards

4 x Specialist Squad Cards

1 x Instruction Manual