Trivial Pursuit Mini Game Pack

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If you love playing trivia games anytime, anywhere, then the Trivial Pursuit Mini Pack game is for you! Since it includes cards only, you can take it to parties, get-togethers, on vacation, and more. On your turn, another player will ask you a question; get it right to keep the card. The first person to earn 5 cards wins!

TAKE IT TO GO: Play the Trivial Pursuit Mini Pack Game almost anywhere because there's no gameboard; it's great for parties, road trips, and camping -- you don't need a table or a lot of space to play

QUICK AND EASY GAME: In this version of the Trivial Pursuit game, if you answer the question correctly, you keep the trivia card -- it just takes 5 cards to win

INCLUDES 240 TRIVIA QUESTIONS: Play individually or go head-to-head in teams and get ready to show your knowledge with 240 engaging and fun trivia questions on 80 cards

TRIVIA GAME FOR ADULTS AND TEENS: The Trivial Pursuit Mini Pack game is great for teens and adults ages 16 and up who love trivia and quiz games about pop culture