Trump Cards

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  • FAKE NEWS FUN: Trump Cards… did he really say that? The hilarious party card game for those who think they can spot FAKE NEWS from the REAL TRUMP!
  • INCLUDES: 300 Trump Card, 10 Fake News Cards and 10 Approved Cards, 1 Writing Pad and 1 Pencil, Rules Sheet, Players (2-10)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: This game is entertaining for Trump fans and Trump opponents alike. The FAKE NEWS and REAL TRUMP cards will both have you laughing.
  • NEW GAME: This is a game that’s so fresh you definitely don’t have this one yet. Perfect for game night with family or friends.
  • TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Impress your friends with your commander-in-chief knowledge by figuring out which cards are FAKE NEWS and which ones are actual Trump quotes.