Store Hours

Gateway Games Retail Store located at Bethlehem Town Centre, 19 Bethlehem road, Bethlehem, Tauranga, New Zealand is open

​Monday ​9am to 5pm                  
​Tuesday ​9am to 5pm                   
​Wednesday ​9am to 10pm       Dungeons & Dragons   (9am to 5pm Govid Level 2 or Higher & No DnD)      
​Thursday ​9am to 10pm       Magic the Gathering Casual Commander 
​Friday ​9am to 10pm       Magic the Gathering FNM 
​Saturday ​9am to 5pm         Causal MTG, Board Gaming (Every 2nd Sat Pokemon)
​Sunday ​9am to 5pm         Casual MTG Commander 

Public Holiday's 10am to 4pm unless stated

​Our Web Store is Open 24/7