Who we are

We are an independent, locally owned, kiwi business.

We are the Bay of Plenty’s leading Table Top Wargaming, Board & Card Games Store.

Products we carry range from Manga to Dungeons & Dragons, Games Workshop & Accessories (Citadel Paints & Tools), Board & Card Games to Binders, Folders & TCG Sleeves & a Large range of Dice, Pokemon, MTG Magic the Gathering and FAB Flesh & Blood.


What and When Gateway Games hosts events

Wednesdays - 5.30pm on wards - D&D Dungeons & Dragons

Thursdays - 5.30pm on wards - MTG Commander in the shop

Fridays - 5.30pm on wards - MTG FNM standard or modern 

Saturdays - 12pm on wards - FAB Flesh & Blood (starting 3rd April 2021)

Sundays - 10am on wards - Table Top gaming - 40k, AOS etc

Sundays - 12pm on wards - MTG Commander in the shop