64-78 Sector Mechanicus Munitorum Munitions Hub

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A strikingly detailed scenery set, the Munitorum Munitions Hub is a modular plastic kit entirely compatible with others across the Sector Imperialis and Sector Mechanicus ranges. Combine as many kits as you like to create enormous, evocative multilevel environments to battle over!

This set provides you with a selection of scenery pieces which are ideal for use as linear obstacles, providing cover for miniatures during battles or simply evoking a lived-in, industrial feel to your gaming table. It includes:

- 2 sets of Galvanic Servohaulers: each of these sets includes 2 haulers and a large crane. These kits feature grabbers, winches and engine blocks, and can accommodate a Munitorum Armoured Container on their flatbeds;
- 10 Munitorum Armoured Containers: large shipping containers which can be modelled with their doors either open or closed, each of these features an optional, watchful storm bolter!
- A huge selection of promethium barrels and ammunition crates – no fewer than 30 barrels and 40 (count ‘em!) crates – perfect for dotting around your gaming table, and they make great objective markers, too.