80-13 Grand Alliance: Chaos

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A blight upon the once-verdant mortal realms, the forces of Chaos are a terrifying swarm of murderous killers who fight for the glory of their hideous patrons. Monsters, daemons and mortals are all caught within the spell of Chaos, lured by the promise of glory and bound to destroy. Followers of the four Dark Gods - and the Horned Rat - storm across the lands, slaughtering all in their path with brute strength, revolting disease and sheer animal cunning - though the Stormcast Eternals fight bravely, to turn back this tide is surely beyond the will of even Sigmar...

A truly weighty tome clocking in at over 300 pages, Grand Alliance: Chaos is an absolute must-own artifact for anyone and everyone collecting Warhammer Age of Sigmar Chaos armies; whether concentrating on a single faction, mixing and matching from the range or splitting the pantheon into smaller chunks, this book is everything you need! The ultimate guide to the myriad forces of Chaos it features extensive information on each of the 21 the factions that make up Chaos, Warscrolls for each and every warrior and beast from each faction (a total of 158!), guiding information and diagrams helping you to choose, collect and organise your forces into armies ready for the gaming table - and a number of Warscroll Battalions, collections of Chaos might with their own special rules and abilities.

Put simply, if you love Chaos, you’ll REALLY love this softback book.