96-40 SCE Aventis Firestrike Magister of Hammerhal

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Those given the rank of Lord-Arcanum by Sigmar earned it by wielding eldritch energies in the name of freedom. There are those whose mastery of the heavenly realmsphere is such that they can astrally project into the aether, that non-space that lies between the realms, there to make lasting bonds with Tauralons, capricious aether-beasts with a nimbleness that belies their great size. Capable of delivering a meteoric ram from their curled horns that can fell a castle wall, Tauralons instead prefer to glide over their foe, dispensing a trail of astral light which, upon settling on the enemy below, guides the missiles of the Sacrosanct Chambers with unerring accuracy. Only then do they realise that the Tauralon rider who peacefully passed by was in fact the harbinger of their doom.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon. Armed with an aetherstave and spirit flasks, he rides a Tauralon – this great beast has an impressively wide wingspan, with a dense skull and thick curled horns. This mount doesn’t require a huge amount of armour, with but a few pieces of metal around its legs and a chestplate featuring scrollwork and a sigmarite comet; the creature is depicted rearing over a set of sigmarite ruins, which are part of the base. The Lord-Arcanum is rather more densely armoured, covered in sigmarite plate, with lightning bolt symbolism adorning the surfaces up to and including the sword and scabbard at his waist.

Alternately, this kit can be used to assemble Aventis Firestrike – a specific Lord-Arcanum who rides a unique Tauralon named Loithar. When assembled as Aventis, this kit also makes an extra Lord-Arcanum on foot.

This kit comes as 67 components. Supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round base for the Tauralon, and a Citadel 40mm Round base for the optional Lord-Arcanum on foot.