Big Pockets - Double Sided Silicon Game Mat

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This battle mat was carefully designed by AJ Pickett. After over a year of fine tuning, it has become one of the best mats on the market; here's why:

Draw your maps with any marker, even permanent! All markers can be removed with a damp cloth.

Longevity, washes clean with a cloth every time. If you don't want to tire out your arms washing of your mega dungeon that you completely covered the mat with, you can put it in your washing machine to clean it!
(Do note that the marker will come off in the wash, so don't put in clothes with it that you don't want to have the remnants of a dungeon on)

Perfect for telling your stories. One side with hexes and the other with squares, put your world map on one side and the action on the other!

Super portable, just roll or fold it as you wish


Size: 84x60x0.127cm

Weight: 0.76kg

Color: White

Material: Silicon