BL3156 Renegades: Lord of Excess HB

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Release Date 6th April 2024

A Warhammer 40,000 Novel

The Emperor’s Children seek sensation above all else, but when Xantine's warband come upon an isolated Imperial world, he sees an opportunity to pursue the finer things in life. How long can the proud warlord maintain his 'perfect' rule – and will the planet survive his reign?


It's a tantalising look into the gleefully twisted minds of the Emperor's Children, as an arrogant warlord strives to 'save' an Imperial world from its own imperfections.


Once a united Legion, the disparate splinters of the Emperor’s Children now eke out a violent, hedonistic existence between the stars, raiding and ravaging worlds to indulge their fathomless appetites.

Xantine, proud leader of the Adored and a true son of Fulgrim, wants more than simply pillaging backwater worlds. He soon finds what he has been searching for – Serrine, a wealthy but cruel planet festering under misrule and inequality, cut off from the Imperium by warp storms. It is too tantalising a prize to ignore, and Xantine sets out to bring perfection to his new world.

But perfection is an elusive concept, and as threats creep from the depths of Serrine and the ranks of the Adored, the rot at the heart of Xantine’s perfect rule is laid bare...

Written by Rich McCormick.