Carcassonne 20th Anniversary Edition

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Carcassonne 20th Anniversary Edition

The classic tile-laying game celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special new edition! Players will build the board as they play, laying one tile at a time to create the landscape of medieval Carcassonne filled with cities, roads, monasteries, and fields. This beautiful upgraded edition features gold foil on the box, UV spot print on the box and tiles, extra new tiles, and exciting Easter eggs hidden in the tiles for fans of the game.

  • This special anniversary edition will shine as acollector’s item on any gamer’s shelf with a gold foiland UV spot print upgrade on the box.

  • Tiles will feature extra details and Easter eggs for Carcassonne fans to spot, as well as a UV spot treatment to make details shine.

  • Character stickers will be included for fans to add to their meeple.