Cat Capers

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Catching a rat, summoning the fire department, and sneaking into someone’s house may not be your idea of a good time–and in the latter case may even constitute a felony...

unless you are playing Cat Capers! In this small board game you are a cat, your owner is away at work and the world is your oyster. Unfortunately, there are other cats trying to horn in on all the fun feline experiences your neighbourhood has to offer, but with careful allocation of your four paws and crafty use of special cards, you can be the one who emerges from this cat fight with the lion’s share of the points.

The game is played in six rounds. At the beginning of each, colour-coded activity cards worth 2-4 points are displayed at each house on the block. Players secretly allocate their four paws to houses and/or to their basket, which earns them extra cat cards at the end of the round. Certain cards are worth a bonus point to particular cats, which helps guide choices. Then players lift their screens and move their paws to the houses. Cat fights break out, as competing players use cat cards to try to outnumber or outmanoeuvre each other and win the point cards.

At the end of the game, the player with the most points is the winner.