D&D Sacred Statue 13" 50th Anniversary Plush

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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, WizKids and Kidrobot are excited to share this special plush offering! This adorable plush is based on the original First Edition Players Handbook cover art by David Trampier from 1978.  

This stoic statue plush is ready to serve as a monument to your love of Dungeons & Dragons; it will fit perfectly in your personal dungeon setting whether that be your game room, bedroom, or game store! We trust that you will take better care of your Sacred Statue than those pesky adventurers did on the first-ever Players Handbook – like any other creature, this statue likes to keep its eyes intact (though those sparkly gems can be hard to resist)! This huggable plush sits at 13” tall and is made with the softest premium materials and love.