Escape Room the Game: Tomb Raiders Expansion

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Product Description

An ancient map leads you directly to the legendary tomb of Osiris. After weeks of digging you finally unearth the enormus entrance gate to the pyramid.


As you step inside the huge cylindrical entrance room, you suddenly hear a disturbing scraping noise. From a hole in the ceiling, sand behins to flow into the room at an alarming rate. 


You estimate you'll only have one hour to find the treasures inside the tomb of Osiris and get out before this 'giant hourglass' will forever block your way to freedom...


*Requires Base Game To Play*


Items needed from base game:


Chrono Decoder

16 Keys

Hint Decoder

Game Rules



3 Envelopes with content:

Game Boards

Various play materials

8 Hint Cards

60 Min Play Time


Ages 16+


3-5 Players