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A brilliant first brainteaser for kids!

The bees need a new hive, and it’s up to your little one’s busy brain to help them build it.

Start by placing the Queen Bee on the centre space before rolling the six colourful dice to decide where to place the six worker bees.

Then, start building!

Can your little genius arrange all of the uniquely shaped game pieces onto the open spaces of the honeycomb grid to complete the hive?

With 46,656 puzzle-solving possibilities, the Bee Genius is sure to keep your little one’s budding mind busy for hours on end.

The Queen Bee is leading her worker bees in the construction of their new honeycomb and they need help!

Roll the six dice to determine the locations of the worker bees.

The challenge is then to fit all 11 of the coloured shapes around the bees, with no gaps, to complete the perfect honeycomb!

There are 46,656 unique possible combinations in which the dice can fall and all of them have at least one possible solution.

Some combinations will be easier to solve, some much harder.

Bee Genius is a non-competitive game, devised to help children to develop their thinking skills. Every puzzle solved will help a child to build their skills and grow their self-confidence, as they start to realise that they too can BEE GENIUS!