Marvel Collectors Chess Set

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From the vast universe of Marvel comics comes your favorite defenders of good and evil, standing in as 32 full color, custom sculpted Chess pieces. Brandish resourcefulness and stamina from the side representing Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate (S.H.I.E.L.D.), with The Avengers’ Iron Man and Captain Marvel as King and Queen. The remaining collective is assembled by the stealthy Black Widow and Captain America as Bishops, agile and unbreakable Spider-Man and Black Panther as Knights, forceful Rooks Hulk and Thor, and Energy Shields as Pawns fronting the team with its patriotic eagle logo, representing the all-American guardians.

Mounted on menacing red bases with scowls to match are the prominent busts on HYDRA’s side, led with the Mad Titan himself as King ThanosHela as Queen, with Kingpin and Red Skull as Bishops to be reckoned with. The evil team’s Knights include and vengeful Killmonger and Venom, ominous Loki and Ultron as Rooks, and the six-tentacled HYDRA emblem as fierce Pawns reinforcing the predators’ threatening reach.

Superbly detailed and displayable from a custom industrial-themed board, each piece is hand-painted and shaded with precision to enhance each characters’ distinctive features and textures, capturing how Marvel fans would imagine their 2-D favorites to look and feel in hand.