Modimod Instant Mold

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This Modifx Modimold blister pack contains five (5) sticks of Modimold.

Replicate any part you can get your hands on!

1) Immerse stick/s in hot water until soft

2) Remove stick/s for water and let excess water run off

3) Press the part you want to replicate into the soft Modimold

4) Leave to cool and harden

5) Carefully remove master part for the mold

6) Use Green Stuff or other putty to create duplicates


Tips and Tricks

For single side molds (where one side of the part to be duplicated is flat, like a miniatures base. Use an ordinary flat kitchen tile. Put the piece to be duplicated on top, flat side on the tile. Push the Modimold around the piece. 


For duel sided molds

We found the easiest way to continually duplicate the piece is to make a little box (we made ours out of lego) with no top or bottom, just slightly bigger than the piece to be duplicated. Start by just duplicating the bottom half of the piece, let it harden then put the Modimold on top to duplicate the top half. The box makes it much easier to locate the two molds continually. The most difficult process is working out how much putty to put into each side of the mold.