Quartermasters Pigment Set

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contains six 20ml weathering pigments.

Battlefront Miniatures is pleased to join forces with another industry leader with the Flames of War Pigment Set, made by the team at MIG Productions.

MIG Pigments are the original and authentic pigment colours for modelling and are enhanced with a high quality pigment powder. MIG pigments are non-toxic, because they use completely safe mineral and organic products in their manufacturing process.

We have chosen from the massive range of MIG Pigments and products to bring you a complementary group of colours to get the most from this first set of pigments. MIG Pigments will allow the modeler the ability to create a realistic looking weathered model the very first time they are used.

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Mix pigments with plaster acrylic colours and earth to make dry mud. Mix with oils, plaster and gloss varnish to make fresh mud. Apply pigment with a soft brush to create a light dust over surfaces. You can mix with alcohol, thinner, water or other liquids to experiment yourself.

Set contains:

1x Concrete.
1x Black Smoke.
1x Gun Metal.
1x Europe Dust.
1x Standard Rust.
1x Track Brown.