Splendor Cities of Splendor Expansion

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Cities of Splendor introduces four complete expansions to the Splendor base game, each accentuating and highlighting a different aspect of the original game. Towers allow players to reserve additional cards, special powers introduce a new layer of engine building, cities give players a new goal to strive towards, and a range of exciting development cards add spice to any game. Each of these four expansions offers a completely unique approach to the game of Splendor without compromising the game’s original elegance.


Key Selling Points


• The first-ever expansion for Splendor


• Four new expansions for Splendor in a single box, each offering a unique experience


• Each expansion highlights and enhances a separate aspect of the original game


• Four different expansions with dramatically different approaches means that there’s an option for everyoneed to win.

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