Star Wars: Clone Wars Battles - Scenario Pack

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Expand your battles with this scenario pack, featuring characters from the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television show and feature film! Mace Windu, Roron Corobb, and the Republic forces face off against General Grievous and his ruthless Separatist forces. Can the Republic hold fast against the Separatist movement?

Contains 5 Exclusive Miniatures! Roron Corobb, Dwarf Spider droid, IG-100 MagnaGuard, Clone Trooper on Speeder, and IG Lancer Droid!
Play right out of the box! Clone wars Battles Scenario Pack contains everything you need to create your own Clone Wars battle: 10 miniatures with stat cards, rulebook, maps, and more!

Each Clone Wars Scenario Pack consist of 10 miniatures, stat cards, 2-sided map, force/damage counters and 1 D20.