ACD: Grey Knights Blade of Purity

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Warhammer 40,000 Audio Dramas

Blade of Purity

A Grey Knights audio anthology

Grey Knights squad Styre battle the plague-ridden servants of Nurgle and investigate the unthinkable: the possible corruption of a missing Purifier squad in two linked audio dramas.

Contains the stories 'Incorruptible' and 'True Name'.

The Grey Knights face horrors from beyond the veil on a daily basis... so the forces of Nurgle invading their ship is business as usual. But when they board the Blade of Purity, the existential crisis they find is something else altogether as the unthinkable seems to have occurred: a Grey Knight – a thrice-blessed Purifier no less – has fallen to the lure of the Dark Gods...

The extract for this title comes from the audio drama 'Incorruptible', one of the two stories included in 'Blade of Purity'.