BL3073 Legends of the Dark Angels PB

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Release Date 22nd April 2023

A Dark Angel Omnibus

The Dark Angels have been involved with many of the most notable campaigns in the history of the Imperium. They also fight a secret war that’s been raging for ten thousand years.


The Dark Angels are at once proud and utterly insular. This book gives you insight into their motivations, as well as a fair few of their secrets.


Ancient are the stories of the Dark Angels. The warriors of this clandestine Chapter hold to secrets as readily as they do their swords, the shame of ages past following them into the Dark Millenium.

The ranks of the Unforgiven are replete with heroes. Legends tell of Supreme Grand Master Azrael, Keeper of the Truth and bearer of the Lion Helm, Ezekiel, Chief Librarian and bearer of the Book of Salvation, and Balthasar, heroic sergeant of the Fifth Company, to name but a few.

In war zones across the length and breadth of the galaxy, the Dark Angels fight for the Emperor, for atonement, and for the greater glory of the Imperium.


Three novels by Gav Thorpe
– Angels of Darkness
– The Purging of Kadillus
– Azrael

The following stories by C Z Dunn
– Azrael: Protector of Secrets (short story)
– The Eye of Ezekiel (novel)
– Dark Vengeance (novella)
– Easy Prey (short story)
– Malediction (short story)