40-04-60 WH 40K War Zones Damocles: Kauyon Box Set

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The Tau Empire has invaded Prefectia with an unprecedented display of force, intending to harness the incredible geo-electric potential of this fortress world to power their increasing incursions into the domain of the Imperium. Of course, this aggression cannot go unanswered - the Adeptus Astartes soon launch a blistering planetstrike that quickly becomes an uncontrollable, world-spanning war. They may have met their match, however, in the Fire Caste’s greatest mind; Commander Shadowsun, heroine of the Greater Good and master of the strategy known as Kauyon.

This two-book set contains a 120-page hardback narrative book, detailing the struggles over the fortress world of Prefectia between the forces of the Tau Empire and the Adeptus Astartes; and an 88-page hardback rulebook containing all the new rules content from Codex: Tau Empire - buy this, and you’ll be totally up to speed with all the new Tau miniatures.